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Marguerite Maclean Definitive Collection

Keyboard Player and Vocalist

Marguerite Maclean Definitive Collection


Marguerite is a British National who has brought her Global experience in Music and Education. As a gifted Educator, Musician and Therapist, Marguerite MacLean has a passion for Climate Change Awareness and Peace and Harmony in the world today.

Marguerite's many life experiences bring life and depth to her compositions as Solo Female Artist and Keyboard player. Her voice has been known to soothe and stir the soul with an ability to meet the occasion of many genres as proven in The Rising Star of Singapore 2016. There on stage as a Solo Artist, competing with 8 big bands, Marguerite was awarded 4th Grand finalist in Hard Rock Café’s Worldwide Music Competition.

Marguerite performed from a young age and is used to playing in concerts or functions for all occasions. There is nothing like the joy of seeing people respond in dance or joyful smiles as she performs. Her compositions are registered with Compass – (Composers and Author’s Society of Singapore) where she taught for 7 years. Marguerite belongs to the I.S.M. (Incorporated Society of Musicians)

As Author, Educator, Musician and Therapist, Marguerite shares her soothing voice and lyrics with a unique creative expression.

All Albums are thoughtfully composed to help you unwind from hectic lifestyles and lift your spirits.


"Marguerite has a wide and varied repertoire suitable for all occasions. Sensitively played and beautifully sung with a number of recordings to her name."

K. Robson. B.Mus (Hons) Dip A.B.R.S.M.

“You are a beautiful lady playing melodious tunes with meaningful lyrics” MediaCorp - Singapore

"Marguerite is a valued member of the arts community in Singapore and across the globe. She has touched the hearts of hundreds of Singaporeans and foreigners alike, and regularly performs, entertains and delights audiences and students with her original compositions. She has a delightful voice and plays a keyboard with innate precision. I have no hesitation in recommending Marguerite in her artistic ventures. I intend to continue to support Marguerite in her quest to bring the love and pure essence of music to people everywhere! "

John Gordon - Singapore.

“If you like the similar voices of Karen Carpenter, Andrea Corr and Enya choose Marguerite”  Fans at Africa Night - Singapore

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